Virtual Game World LLC (VGW) was formed in 2016 to pursue opportunities in the newest amusement adventure on the planet—virtual reality. We are a US-based company dedicated to operating and selling only the best virtual games as the North American exclusive partner with the most reliable and innovative VR developer in the world. We have offices in Bentonville AR, Dallas TX and Little Rock AR.

Retail Opportunities
As of August 2018, we are operating Virtual Game World arcades in two Wal-Mart Supercenters in the Kansas City area. As we expand our partnership with Wal-Mart we’re also actively seeking other retailers who want to be the first to capitalize on the newest trend in interactive entertainment. If you own an arcade, inflatable/game rental company, convenience store, restaurant/bar, game room, traveling festival vendor, casino or trendy retail outlet we have various options to sell or revenue share these exhilarating rides with you.

Mobile VR
Our newest venture, and the only one in the US, is a compact VGW mobile trailer. We offer 3 configurations which are perfect for music festivals, BBQ & chili cook-offs, church bazaars, corporate seminars, motorcycle rallies, kid’s festivals, fantasy cons or even a more permanent location. Here’s the great part about our exclusive mobile unit—the pod can be easily moved out of the trailer to an indoor location. The revenue opportunities are endless!
VGW provides complete software/hardware maintenance and support for all our games as well as marketing assistance, branded tents (for mobile trailer), on-site POS tools and other amenities. If you’ve been investigating the exciting revenue opportunity in virtual reality, you can partner with a US company that has been operating VR rides for over 2 years. Contact us today for more details including revenue projections and buy/lease options.