The most “realistic” virtual experience is now mobile thanks to Virtual Game World®.  Our VR trailer is affordable, easy to use and generates excitement (and revenue) at any event.  VGW is the exclusive mobile VR partner with Owatch, developer of the most reliable pod with the most amazing sound, graphics & experiential sensations available.

This is not a video game, not an amusement ride….this is the future of interactive entertainment.

Easy load and unload

Our insulated trailers are made in the USA and come equipped with complete wiring, durable stamped rubber flooring, heavy duty heat/AC unit and is easy to haul.  The pods can be readily off-loaded to operate inside an office, bar, hotel or wherever an outside trailer isn’t the best option.

Self-contained, uses minimal power

Your VGW mobile trailer is a turn-key amusement business perfect for all sorts of events & gatherings: church bazaars, gaming conventions, beer festivals, BBQ/chili cookoffs, state fairs, corporate summits, bike rallies, tech conferences, anime/fantasy festivals and many more.  Your revenue potential is limited only by your imagination.  VGW is family-friendly and an experience they will never forget.

VGW offers 3 models—10’ trailer w/single pod, 12’ trailer w/dual pod, 14’ trailer w/two single pods.  Pods are stress-free to operate and maintain and come with an 18-month manufacturer’s warranty.  Exclusive territories are also available.

Easy to tow at under 2,500 lbs

Virtual Game World pods intensify the VR experience by immersing the customer in a fantastical universe: 360° hi-def graphics, sound and movement, thumping pulsations, and even wind affects. The rider literally feels the journey is real.

Users chose from a wide variety of virtual realms for all ages & interests:  roller coasters, children’s play, space travel, auto racing, haunted house, walk with the dinosaurs, traverse Mars, battle zombies and much more.

Quick set up, small footprint
Great graphics to promote your business